Meet our Coaches

Rachel Firm

has been teaching for more than 30 years. She has coached Regional, Junior National and USA synchronized team members through their Gold Moves in the Field and Free Skate tests. She is a retired Technical Specialist. 

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Lauen Gwinn - 

Her coaching philosophy "I’m a firm believer in passing on the knowledge from my experiences to those who are willing to learn . I think creating a positive learning environment is beneficial for athletes both on and off the ice. As a competitor and educated coach, I am able to provide the most beneficial insight to help skaters achieve each and every one of their goals."


I’ve been coaching for 3 years and skating for 16. I’m a certified LTS/Junior Club instructor Certified PSA Figure Skating Coach Have trained at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Currently a regional competitor striving to compete sectionally and nationally. Ranked 94th nationally and 26th sectionally. Coached by Olympic coaches Glyn and Christine Watts. Currently compete all over the US in the Senior level. Double Gold Medalist in Free skate and Moves in the field - Working to be a Gold medalist in Dance as well.


She focuses her coaching on basic skills, edges/power for hockey, free skate, moves in the field, and off ice training


Some of her accomplishments include:

Just starting out as a coach but currently have 16 years of personal skating experience. I’ve helped all my skaters develop strong, powerful skating. I assist my students in learning their new jumps, spins, and other elements by demonstration. I believe that’s one of the best ways to learn new things. My student clientele is developing rapidly varying in all ages and levels.


She is currently accepting students


Michelle Koewler - 

Her coaching philosophy "It is my job to assist the athlete in achieving her/his personal skating goals, whether that be competitive, recreational, or test oriented. My continuing education plays a large role in passing on the most current and reliable skating techniques available. In addition, I strive to be a positive role model in the lives of each of my skaters and work to lift them up in a productive and constructive manner. "


Coaching since 1989 she's: 

PSA Certified Moves-in-the-Field rating

PSA Certified Freeskate rating

PSA Master Sports Science & Medicine Certification

U.S. Figure Skating Gold Freeskate

Canadian Gold Freeskate

Canadian Gold Skills (MIF)


She focuses her coaching on Moves-in-the-Field; Freeskate; Power Skating; Off-Ice Jumps, Spins & Conditioning; Off-ice 4D Slide Board


Some of her accomplishments include:

Trained Southwest Regional, Swedish Regional, and Mexican Federation National Competitors.
Founded & Directed Special Skater program in Davenport, IA
Founded & Co-Directed Synchronized Skating Team in Davenport, IA


She is currently accepting students